The Future of Exploration Has Arrived

Technology and Beyond

Mission Statement

AvatarStarz is built for the people by the people. With the dedicated mission to provide humans the ability to explore the whole world in 1 lifetime. We believe everyone should have access to experience all the worlds wonders of people, places and things. Every day we will focus on creating the best user experience for the customers using the platform, whether it’s to explore the world or to earn an income helping people explore. We are all growing the network of Explorers and Stars together for the benefit of everyone. The vision is clear for us! Its giving the people of the world access to the world with their own eyes and ears from anywhere, at any time using technology.

As a tech company we will be constantly evolving with the best and current technology trends so our users experience is consistently improving. Bridging the virtual and real world together by creating a new frontier of exploration. Connecting people with the touch of a button to anywhere in the world instantly. Saving people time and money while reducing transportation emissions is a by-product of AvatarStarz goal of a successful platform that fuels generations and generations of world-wide exploration. It will take us time to grow the network and as we grow it will give more and more access to the world for everyone. We will have growing pains as a company and make mistakes however we will learn from them and apply the knowledge to improve the company and the AvatarStarz platform. We are committed to our users and to everyone involved, to leave no stone unturned in the discovery to provide the best world exploration experience humanly possible. To be able to explore the world is a dream for us all and now it can be our reality.

Origin Story

In 2019 the world was hit with the biggest challenge ever with the Covid 19 pandemic. It forced all countries around the world to lock down their borders to help ensure the health and safety of its citizens. Many people were getting sick and some were dying. In November 2020 the Founder and CEO of AvatarStarz got sick. He got tested and it was positive for COVID-19. His symptoms got worse by the day and he realized his life may be over. All of his dreams of exploring the world and all the people, places and things in it would never happen. He knew that he was not alone. People were dying alone, quarantined from there friends, family and even strangers all over the world. The CEO thought if he didn’t die from this he was going to do everything in his power to create something that will help people explore the world. Even from their potential death bed. It was in that moment that AvatarStarz was born! Inspired with the dream to empower people with the tools and options to connect to people, places and things at a touch of a button. We have an amazing team that is fully committed to building the new frontier of world exploration and we are excited to roll out more future updates as we continue to hit milestones. We are happy and honored to have you all join us as we all travel together on this new adventure to explore the world and everything in it.

Coming Fall 2023